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Tulips, tulips, tulips.....omg!

Tulips, tulips, tulips…..omg!

A few days ago my husband and I got up very early, it was an exceptionally warm and sunny morning here in Portland. We decided to drive about 45 minutes south of here to Woodburn Oregon,  to checkout the annual tulip festival. We arrived shortly after 9:00 AM, the sky was a gorgeous blue and…

Colorful, Pretty Flowers

Colorful, Pretty Flowers

Here are some gorgeous flowers and plants to check out. All of these shots were taken on my recent trip to the coast…enjoy!! 1. Acalypha (chenile plant) 2. Gloxinia siningia (gloxinia) 3. Cosmos Bipinnatus (cosmos) 4. Papaver (poppy) 5. Digitalis (foxglove)  

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